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Yvonne Nelson replies those criticizing her for opening a social media account for her daughter

Yvonne Nelson Replies Those Criticizing Her For Opening A Social Media Account For Her Daughter

Social media users have criticized Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, for opening an Instagram account for her daughter, Ryn Roberts and constantly flaunting her on social media at such a tender age.

In Yvonne’s defense, she stated that she believes her daughter is protected by God despite the fact that she is exposed to social media.

Yvonne Nelson had the baby for British photographer, Jamie Roberts whom she recently opened up about their split.

Besides, Yvonne pointed out that Ryn’s father is a photographer and even if she does not post her daughter’s photos, her father would.

Yvonne Nelson said:

“They have a point because of security and safety but for me, I believe that it’s God who watches over us.

Once in a while, I post her picture online, I don’t post her all the time, she has her own Instagram page though.

She had her page even before I had her, she is just on Instagram and her father is a photographer, so, if I do not post her, her dad will do, but I’m the only one managing her page… I hardly post her on my personal page”.

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