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You’ve brought me nothing but tears – Nigerian bride tells tailor who disappointed her

You’ve Brought Me Nothing But Tears – Nigerian Bride Tells Tailor Who Disappointed Her

A Nigerian bride who called out her tailor who disappointed her 13 days to her wedding on Instagram, stated that she brought her nothing but tears.

What I ordered for

The Nigerian bride who disclosed that she has other ways of dealing with tailor who disappointed her, added that she has been left in tears since Friday by the tailor who turned herself to a mini god and now wants to refund her money few days to her wedding.

What I ordered for
What was delivered

She wrote;

I have my plans on how to deal with this. What do we have Instagram for anyways. You want to refund me my money 13 days to my wedding. You have brought me nothing but tears. You have made me have sleepless night, I’m not fighting you. Get my wedding dress ready by Monday please.

Since you’ve blocked everyone, that as come to beg you, at least if my followers beg you to make my dress you would probably listen. @jbecksbridalsplease I’m officially begging you to get me dress. If I curse you via text I think I’m justified cos I have had enough time to get my dress ready. Please guys help me beg her. I have been in tears since Friday. @solamagicevent I know she blocked you, but please join and beg her. @iamayobirdsis please help me beg her. Cos she’s turn herself to mini God.

To all that says I should be calm here you go!!! I have begged and begged. Resulted to insults, which I’m fully justified. @jbecksbridals it will not take my stand by people to do what I have in mind. But let social media people help me beg you first.

Who ask their client for money and refuse paying back? I should have seen all signs. It took you 1 month and weeks to pay me. Please I need my refund and the embroidery back.

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