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Young Nigerian pilot buys sunglasses for N1000, almost sold it for N17,500

Young Nigerian Pilot Buys Sunglasses For N1000, Almost Sold It For N17,500

A young Nigerian pilot, Captain Arinze may not be a billionaire yet, but he definitely has a very sound business sense.

The pilot according to a post he made on twitter, revealed that he lost his sunglasses some weeks back (which definitely would be an original and expensive brand).

He then decided to get one off the traffic for a meagre N1,000 (of course, it is just a replica of the original one).

Now his co-pilot is offering $50 for the replica, which of course he feels it would be an original just because a pilot is wearing it.

He wrote:

I lost my sun shade last week. 2 days ago, I bought this one in traffic for 1k naira. Today, I attempted to sell it to my copilot for $50. If I’m wearing it, then it must be original, he thought. There is alot of life/business lessons to learn from this.

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