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Yemi Alade Has The Last Laugh As Tiwa Savage Tries To Shade Her And Gets Trolled

Yemi Alade Has The Last Laugh As Tiwa Savage Tries To Shade Her And Gets Trolled

Tiwa savage tried to clarify the issue on the photoshop and the ongoing social media war between her and Yemi Alade.

She took to her twitter to appreciate woman, regardless of their size, fans or realness. She said she does not judge anyone.

She wrote on twitter,

“Going into 2019 although I’m quiet I’m going to try and speak my mind a little more. Let me clarify first of all that this is not a yansh war, I Kuku no get big yansh in the first place. It’s about minding your business

“I have never and will never judge any woman whether she has fake boobs, fake ass, whether it’s real or not. Whether she is short, fat, skinny because I don’t know what insecurities she deals with so I’d rather love her than condemn her

“Oh and for the record I don’t know any artist that does not edit their professional pics, even if it’s too even out your skin on your album cover. It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt on some real ish

“Ladies I love you whether your ish is real or not. After all wigs ain’t real Abi. Just make yourself happy and even when we make mistakes it’s ok. Bad energy pls stay away 2019, nothing you do will make God forsake you, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT. You are beautiful”.

Tiwa copied her tweet to her Instagram page and captioned it, “I genuinely want women to feel like queens regardless of anything”.

A fan, who felt what Tiwa said is quite ironic, wrote, “You can’t say you want women to feel like queens then attack Yemi Alade after she didn’t even @ u”.

Tiwa responded, “Have you eaten today? Worry about that because it seems you have hunger headache”

Yemi Alade further replied with a long laugh.

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