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WOW! Woman disgraces her man abroad after discovering he has a wife in Nigeria (video)

WOW! Woman Disgraces Her Man Abroad After Discovering He Has A Wife In Nigeria (video)

A Nigerian singer living abroad went on Facebook Live to expose her man after she discovered he has a family in Nigeria and he hid it from her because he wanted papers.

In the Facebook live video, Osemwengie Rejoice, popularly known as Young Mummy, is seen preventing her man from entering her house. She told viewers that he lied to her that he loves her because she is a citizen and he wanted papers, then he impregnated her and they moved in together.

Osemwengie Rejoice said he became abusive after they moved in together. She said that he beats her in her own house and the reason why he hasn’t beaten her yet is because they are on Facebook Live.

 She added that he tries to prevent her from talking to her people.

“If I dey talk to me sister, he go bring quarrel come, if I dey talk to my producer, he go bring quarrel come. If I dey talk to my people, he’ll say ‘I go dagger you’,” she revealed.

She mentioned that she asked him before they began dating if he has a child but he denied it and kept his Nigerian family away from her.

In the video, she asked him to leave her house and threatened to call the police as he begged for forgiveness and stated that he has nowhere else to go.

Watch the video below.

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