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Why do they want me dead? – Nnamdi Kanu says as he calls for the boycott of 2019 elections

Why Do They Want Me Dead? – Nnamdi Kanu Says As He Calls For The Boycott Of 2019 Elections

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, on Saturday, called out South East governors and Ohaneze in a live broadcast which was aired on Radio Biafra Facebook page.

He also called for the boycott of the 2019 general elections saying that the real power resided with the people and they were the only ones, who could change their fortunes.

He alleged that Sout East governors were used to frustrate the plans of the IPOB and they also connived with those he called “Fulanis” and they tried to “assassinate” him at different times and locations. He mentioned locations like Igwuocha, Aba, and others.

“All we have asked for is our freedom, but Igbo men, who claim they are politicians brought deaths to us.  We have said it time and time again, we want our freedom. Perhaps, some of you are comfortable being slaves, we are not. Why do they want me dead?  Biafrians should ask them”.

“When I was released from prison, on two occasions, I was approached and told that the president wants me to put in writing, what my requests are asides from outright independence..

“I told them, that I want them to open Igweocha sea port, Port Harcourt. I ask them to open Calabar seaport and warri Seaport, I did this in writing and gave it to them, I told them to dredge River Niger, allow direct international flight to Europe and USA from Enugu, Igweocha and Clalabra airport. To have respect for the rule of law by releasing Dasuki and El-Zakzaky, to set up an international commission of inquiry to investigate the mass murder of IPOB family members at Onitcha, Nkpor, Aba, Enugu, Igweocha, Umahia and Asaba, I ask them to remove those extortion centers they called roadblocks across the South East and South South…

I told them also that I want region with its 100 percent resource control, complete deregulation of power sector and setting up of proper reconstruction, rehabilitation and reintegration commission for Biafra….

I put it in writing. He collected it, left and I never heard from them again.”

That is why we must boycott the election, that is why IPOB must do everything within its power to ensure that there is total lock down of the entire Biafra land come the presidential election next year.”

“Can anybody tell me why Dasuki is still in prison, why IPOB Family Members that went out to felicitate with Donald Trump is still in detention”?

“Tell me why a judge will say release El-Zakzaky and he is still in detention, can somebody please explain that to me, and you claim you are running a democracy, shame on those of you that want to vote, shame on this very democracy”-

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