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“Watch p0rn instead of raping women” – Actress Amara Maduka

“Watch P0rn Instead Of Raping Women” – Actress Amara Maduka

Nollywood actress, Amara Maduka, has proffered a riveting solution to rape, as she urged men to rather watch p0rn or masturbate than engage in the despicable act.

The voluptuous actress, while speaking with NewTelegraph, shared her thoughts on the notion that adult content contributed to the increase in rape cases. She said;

“In my opinion adult contents has nothing to do with rape. As a matter of fact, rape would reduce if the society embraced adult contents instead of frown at it. It’s basic knowledge that mankind will always long for the forbidden fruit.

Because it’s a big deal, people are going to always crave it. But if it’s embraced and the men know that a woman’s body is just a body.

Everyone has one and it’s not a big deal to see a woman’s body because their sisters have one and their mothers have one, then they would see every woman as human and not an object.

And whatever happened to masturbating? They have plastic vagina now and they won’t burn in hell for wanking when they’re horny, instead of raping they should probably watch some “adult contents” and masturbate. And all that aside, people really need to practice self control.”

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