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Use your God given wisdom at this time- Chude Jideonwo tells Christians as clergymen peddle conspiracy theories linking Coronavirus and 5G network

Use Your God Given Wisdom At This Time- Chude Jideonwo Tells Christians As Clergymen Peddle Conspiracy Theories Linking Coronavirus And 5G Network

Award-winning media personality, Chude Jideonwo, has asked Christians to use their God given wisdom at this time that the world is battling the Coronavirus pandemic.

Chude made the call as more Clergymen come out to whip up conspiracy theories linking the Coronavirus pandemic to the emergence of the 5G networks.

Use your God given wisdom at this time- Chude Jideonwo tells Christians as clergymen peddle conspiracy theories linking Coronavirus and 5G network

Recall that yesterday, a video of Chris Oyakhilome, founder of Christ Embassy churches surfaced online in which he claimed the Coronavirus and the 5G network being proposed is part of the Antichrist’s plan for a new world order.

In a post shared on his Facebook page, Chude said if such men can come out boldly to pass such ignorant information, it is important for those who know better to also step out and enlighten the world that the Coronavirus pandemic and 5G network have no corrolation. He appealed to Christians not to listen to their pastors for now because the pastors themselves are susceptible to fear and misinformation. 

Read his post below

I cannot believe that we actually have to say this.

But as one Christian to another, and since I am lucky to have a public platform people pay attention to, I believe I have a responsibility to speak out at this time. And quickly.

Just like me, on this matter of Covid-19, your pastors are not experts.
At this time of mass panic, your pastors are susceptible to fear, to misinformation, and – without checks and balances – to misuse use their influence and platform to inadvertently cause harm.

But if those who are peddling conspiracy theories that may end up killing millions are bold and fearless with it, I think it is important for those who know this 5G conspiracy theory (like all other conspiracy theories over the past millenia) is destructive and deeply dangerous to speak out.

If the anti-Christ or the West or China wanted to destroy anyone, there are smarter ways than a virus that kills their own people and tanks their own economies.
Conspiracy theories always sound deep and bold. But they are nonetheless deeply irresponsible without facts, without proof, without informed corroboration.

Please, use your God given wisdom at this time and think of all those who are dying and all those who are saving them.

It’s not conspiracy theorists that are saving lives at this moment at the treatment facilities in Lagos, Enugu and the world.
They are not the ones who will help you if your family members get infected.
It’s doctors. It’s researchers. It’s scientists. It’s public health experts. They are the ones saving lives. It’s the partners who have worked with them over the past three decades – including oyinbo billionaires who have done more to save lives in this country via fighting polio, malaria, HIV free of charge – that are saving more lives. They have saved more lives than any and all pastors.

Listen to them when it comes to health and disease.

And this is what the VAST MAJORITY of experts, doctors and researchers are saying: as at today, based on all we know about Covid, any link with 5G is NIL.
Please, don’t allow authority figures who don’t what they are doing confuse you at this time with the confidence of their errors.

They might even be motivated by love and wanting to spread what they consider to be truth, but it is still an irresponsible thing to do.

You can love them, you can pray for them, you can listen to them when it comes to doctrine. But when it comes to disease, PLEASE ignore them. For the sake of you and your families.
“But beware lest somehow this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to those who are weak.” — I Corinthians? ?8:9? ?NKJV??

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