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Unical student steals sponsor’s jewelry worth over N25m

Unical Student Steals Sponsor’s Jewelry Worth Over N25m

A student of University of Calabar, Unical, who reportedly stole his sponsor’s N25m jewelry has been apprehended and arrested by the police.

According to Philip Obin who shared the news on Twitter, the Unical student was saved from dropping out of school by an 85yr old woman.

The student would go on to steal the woman’s jewelries which she has been keeping since the year 1961.

Peter Obin’s tweet reads ;

Student of Unical who was about to drop out of school owing to inability to pay school & accommodation fees, met a stranger who took him as her own, accommodated, fed & paid his school fees for 2yrs. Last week, she discovered he had sold all her jewelries worth over N25 million!

When interrogated by police, the Kogi born student admitted selling the jewelries, and went ahead to show them where he bought a land & had started building his own house in Calabar, confessing that he duplicated all her keys when she once left the bunch & traveled to Abuja.

He’s since been begging the 85yr old woman who started stocking the jewelries since the year 1961, to forgive and allow God punish him, admitting that what he did to the good Samaritan was indeed wrong and evil. The poor woman has been in shock & doesn’t even know what to do/say


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