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UK Media, Guardian also say Davido’s 02 Arena concert wasn’t ‘sold out’

UK Media, Guardian Also Say Davido’s 02 Arena Concert Wasn’t ‘sold Out’

Following the report that music station, Sound City TV stated that Davido ‘nearly’ sold out the 02 arena in London for his concert, UK media, The Guardian have also said the same thing.

Davido's 02 Arena

In a recent article where they review the singer’s event, they wrote in part “considering the anticipation attached to this gig, which has been talked up as a significant event for Davido – he’s nearly sold out the O2, a considerable leap toward the mainstream” which proves indeed that the singer didn’t actually sell out the whole 20,000 capacity as he claimed he did.

Davido had before the event, revealed on his Instagram that he’d sold out the arena for his concert and reports began making the rounds of how the singer joined the leagues of other a-list acts who had achieved the same feat.

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