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Toyin Lawani “educates” men who are angered by her statement that women are taking over and men will wash plates (video)

Toyin Lawani “educates” Men Who Are Angered By Her Statement That Women Are Taking Over And Men Will Wash Plates (video)

Toyin Lawani has taken to Instagram to “educate” the men who are angered by her statement that women are taking over and men are going to wash plate.

The serial entrepreneur made the controversial statement at Interior designer Ehi Ogbebor’s 35th birthday. Ehi had just unveiled her mansion and invited friends over and while gushing over Ehi’s achievement, Toyin Lawani made the statement.

She said: “We be man, we’re taking over. You guys are joking, you’re going to wash plate.”

She went on to add that men always think any woman who achieves what Ehi has achieved did it by selling her body or by getting involved in fetish things.

Well, her statement caused outrage as men called her out for suggesting that women are taking over from men.

Toyin has now released a new video to address it. In the video, she mentioned that women can never be men and when she said “we be man” she meant that they have achieved what most men cannot achieve.

She added that woman can not do everything men can do, so her statement was not meant to take away from the importance of men.

Addressing the issue of plate washing, Toyin said there are two types of plate washing: the one you lick with your tongue and the one you wash with your hands.

She then questioned why Nigerian men always think they are too big to wash plates. She pointed out that a man doing chores in his house shouldn’t be seen as demeaning. She added that men in the western part of the world, even Nigerian men who live there, do the dishes. She further advised Nigerian men to change their mentality and stop looking down on women.

Sharing the video, she wrote: 

Heard men are angry causs I said they will wash plate. Lemme stress my beautiful teeth this sunday , boya oroyen Mawo brain yin , I’m in my house come and beat me.

Someone needs to educate you silly mockers , thinking women cant work and make it , everyone looking for the easy way out , Go and work , hardwork pays , put in work and get the results , stop looking at other people’s time and hustle ,if you put in work you will get the results, no one has time to use words to motivate you, the works I display here daily is enough to motivate you, if you are bitter about another mans hard work success , it can never come to you even if you work morning and night, God doesn’t bless hateful people , ist bloggers have a way of cutting out parts they love to sell their dead ass blogs , and I will repeat it again , men who don’t work hard will wash plate , cause to ba shise wako bata fe gbe , nothing like imprisoning men ,they are our Kings, always understand what anyone’s says before typing shit and women who work very hard can be regarded as men metaphorically ,cause some men are fucking lazy and they expect women to do everything for them , I see a lot of this daily from some females , yo ladies don’t encourage this shit any man who doesn’t add value to you , kick them to the curb , relationship is meant to be vice Versa , women are not your slaves , we are humans too.

God created both sex to serve one another , it’s not meant to be one way, we carry your kids for 9months, care for them and you , yet most women get beaten up and maltreated , when the woman now boss up yall start hating struggles you know nothing of ? 

Listen and digest if you have sense and I don’t see anything wrong in your men helping you in the kitchen if you have no choice or help , I regard those men as weak men ,you should be proud of your woman , Empower not enslave , hate all you want you know I always speak the truth and a speaker of truth has no friends. #kingofAllQueens

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