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The Presidency’s Photo Of Buhari In His Office Is an Old Picture

The Presidency’s Photo Of Buhari In His Office Is An Old Picture

Let’s bust a few lies this beautiful Friday morning, shall we? 


The concocted audio message about President @MBuhari’s whereabouts should be totally disregarded. It is Fake News in its entirety. The President tonight at the State House, at work.

The Presidency shared a photo of the president supposedly in his office at the time of posting on Twitter. The goal? Possibly to ‘correct’ the notion that Buhari is:

1. Hale and hearty.
2. Has not travelled out of the country.
3. Dispel or discredit whatever audio recording was being circulated.

The handler posted at 8:44 PM via an iPhone that the President was at the State House ‘working’ at the time. What’s with the urgency? Is our ‘darling daddy’ nocturnal now?

Here’s an extra:

President Muhammadu Buhari was in the office on Wednesday after testing negative for the coronavirus, TheCable can report.

However, he worked from home on Thursday as the office was closed for fumigation.

The president worked till Wednesday afternoon before retiring to his residence.

He had been absent on Tuesday after Abba Kyari, Buhari’s chief of staff, tested positive for the virus.

As a precaution, he was not allowed to receive any visitor with the presidential villa already looking like a ghost town following the scaling down of activities.

The intensive fumigation of the presidency began from the president’s office on Thursday morning.

The fumigators arrived at 9.30am and are expected to cover the entire presidential villa.

They fumigated the building housing the president’s office as well as the floors, corridors and major pathways.

They were dressed in white overalls and masked, in addition to wearing other protective gears.

It is believed that the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for days.

Kyari is currently in isolation and TheCable understands that he has not shown any serious symptoms, apart from occasional cough.

Strangely, Punch and other media houses had reported that the FUMIGATION STARTED IN BUHARI’S OFFICE YESTERDAY. But then:

1. We all know a fumigated office or an apartment can’t be accessed same day.
2. Buhari’s picture never came up with wearing a face mask, either to shield himself from people around him or the toxic chemical smell that would have arrested the room since he chose to go in same day.

A simple reverse search revealed the same photo was used by the NTA 7 DAYS AGO and February 1, 2020. When I visited the link, it had been taken down and replaced with another image even though it was about Buhari!

Image 1: Used 7 days ago
Image 2: Used Feb 1, 2020

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