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Sikirat Sindodo: Despite the fact that some actors flaunt houses and cars, there is poor pay in movie industry

Sikirat Sindodo: Despite The Fact That Some Actors Flaunt Houses And Cars, There Is Poor Pay In Movie Industry

Call it one of the greatest puzzles of all time and you won’t be wrong. Despite the fact that some actors (male and female) constantly flaunt houses, cars and other material possessions on social media, many say that there is poor remuneration in the industry.

Popular actress, Tayo Odueke, aka Sikirat Sindodo, reiterated this in a recent chat with Sunday Scoop. She said, “I don’t have any regrets being in the industry. Just like in every other area of life, there are ups and downs. I just thank God that I’m still here because many people I started together with are no longer around. However, that is not to say that there are no challenges.

The pay in the industry is poor and it is not encouraging at all. It is the passion one has that has kept one in the industry for this long. You only make money when you produce your own movies. Ordinarily, that shouldn’t be so. There is a lot of potential in the industry and we only need the right support to excel.”

Sharing her thoughts on depression, the actress said, “I believe that there is nobody that doesn’t get depressed but it all depends on how you manage it. There will always be ups and down. You may fall several times but never forget to get back up.

The case of people in the entertainment industry is peculiar because we make people laugh by what we do but some of us are going through pains of different kinds. Some people now make it worse by trolling celebrities on social media and saying horrible things to them. Stars are humans too and we have emotions.”

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