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She is engaged but she keep coming to me for s*x. Is she using me?

She Is Engaged But She Keep Coming To Me For S*x. Is She Using Me?

Hello everyone. Please bear with me because this might be lengthy. I have being dating a Jehovah witness lady for about two years now.

She is such a wonderful and caring lady. The type that would make sure I am happy at all times.

Around November last year, she found out that I cheat. She even found out that I cheated that same week she came to my house. After much apologies and all, she forgave me and we continued. We kept having issues and reconciling. We finally broke up in February because they don’t marry outside their church (I am not even thinking about marriage now) and someone in her church has approached her for marriage.

They are planning the wedding but she still comes to my house and we Bleep each time she comes. Today she came and her husband to be was calling her she refused taking the call. I asked her why is she doing this to the guy, she said even if she gets married tomorrow she will still be fuc…king me. Although I don’t know the guy but I feel pity for him.

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