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See what Nollywood actress, Abiodun Olatunji tells women to do if their husband cheats on them

See What Nollywood Actress, Abiodun Olatunji Tells Women To Do If Their Husband Cheats On Them

Up and coming Yoruba actress, Abidoun Olatunji, popularly known in the industry as Obelu Eru Aya (meaning a very busty woman) has given women her own prescription to dealing with cheating lovers or husbands.

Though her prescription may not be so appealing to so many women, but it is quite instructive, a good way to curb violence or any form of discord.

She posted on her Instagram page, telling women that if their husband cheats on them, they should forgive him, drink hot pepper soup and give him a blow job.

“I’m a christian, I don’t support bad things, it’s freaky Friday”, she added.

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