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S3x without orgasm is a wasted energy – Actress, Uche Ogbodo

S3x Without Orgasm Is A Wasted Energy – Actress, Uche Ogbodo

Actress Uche Ogbodo has stated that having s*x is good but reaching orga$m is greater. According to her, s*x without reaching orgasm is a waste of energy.

She wrote:

“Having S*x is good ! But Having An Orga$m is Greater ! Give A Woman An Orgasm! 💥 I always feel like good S*x without orgasm is wasted energy. Hehehe don’t blame me but really what’s the point? To go all that way and not get to the promise land! Eeeewww!

I have also come to find out that most women don’t even know what an Orga$m is in the first place, really Sad! . . . .. I am no S*x Teacher, or Discover your Body teacher but pls dont be SHY, find someone who can help you discover what an orga$m is ,if you are in the 18 – 100 age range ooo not for minors .😁 . . . .

My MAIN POINT Today is VIRG!NA MUT!LATION that inhuman practice done on millions of women in Africa all in the name of Culture & Tradition that takes away the Joy of ever having An Orga$m During SEX .This is Pure Evil! & must be STOPPED! ..Man inhumanity to women . Show Love this Valentine Season & Give An An Orga$m for VAL”

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