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“Return my virginity before we divorce” – Woman tells husband in court.

“Return My Virginity Before We Divorce” – Woman Tells Husband In Court.

One man identified as Lateef has sent his wife Suliat to court that their marriage should be dissolved.

The man said he wanted to divorce his 28-year-old wife because she has become nothing but a nuisance to him.

Lateef said Suliat keeps harassing him at his workplace and social functions in the presence of his friends.

He added that he had to move out of their matrimonial home due to his wife’s behaviour.

Well, Suliat in response to her husband’s wish for divorce on Wednesday, June 19, 2019, told her husband, Lateef, to return her virginity and good health if he wants to divorce her.

The woman reportedly stated her condition before an Iseyin Grade C Customary Court, where the husband had gone to file for divorce over “frequent public embarrassment.”

Suliat further revealed that her husband used charm on her and that was how she ended up marrying him.

“Ideally I will not marry this type of human being, if not for the charm he used on me.

“I was looking for the charm to help my business grow and he told me that he will need to get some hairs from my private part and also make love to me, that was how I found myself married to him.

“When I got to his house, my business boomed and he also made a lot of money too and we got it renewed twice but now my health is deteriorating and he now moved out of the house.

“He must look for a way to return my virginity and my health before he can say he wants to leave me.”

The court’s President, Chief Raheem Adelodun, ruled that the case would be put on hold until the health condition of Suliat improves.

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  1. Please don’t fight and separate for any reason,but you may have arguments not definitive of purpose. I think I understand it’s the doom man trying to cause an effect in your family but JESUS ‘ll heal it all. Contact us to help raise philanthropic supports you might need. We are the voice.

  2. My husband said I should leave his house if not he will kill me, that he regret trianing me in school just because I noticed his cheating and I confronted him, he also brought his parents and siblings to our matrimonial home and they have stayed a year and six months, they find fault in every thing I do, and complain frequently to my husband and it makes the house very hot for me and my husband.any time we have misunderstanding he said I should go and beg his parents because of the excess report they make on daily basis.he came back from we’re he want to and slapped me 5 times because I opened our matrimonial room and collected brush for washing the toilet.he called my father and told him his bringing back my bride price.after slapping me all I said to him was that ( so you don’t love this child that is why you cross him we’re we are sleeping and slapped me,so you don’t want people to call you onye ogu ego)even in front of our children, one is 6 years old and 3 years old and also 10 years old maid .I have beg the mother she have forgiven me but my husband is still misbehaving he locked his room and said I shouldn’t come in for 2 months now he doesn’t give me money for upkeeps he buy things for his children he doesn’t give me after work he goes out and does not come back till the next day so am confused I don’t know what to do am a graduate about to go to service. Help me.

    1. Go on your knees and pray. They is nothing impossible for God to do. He will turn things around for you.

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