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Remy Ma under fire for suggesting R.Kelly is not guilty of sexual assault because “rapists don’t eat a*** like that”

Remy Ma Under Fire For Suggesting R.Kelly Is Not Guilty Of Sexual Assault Because “rapists Don’t Eat A*** Like That”

Pregnant Remy Ma is being attacked after she made some shocking statements that appeared to be in defence of R Kelly.

The rapper commented on allegations that R Kelly sexually assaulted underage girls and brainwashed them. She said she was not convinced that R Kelly sexually assaulted anyone and she gave her reasons.

In the recent episode of the web series State of The Culture, Remy said that rapists are only there for their pleasure and do “not eat a**” to give the woman pleasure, therefore, the act between R Kelly and those girls wasn’t rape but consensual sex.

She also said that the girls who R Kelly keeps in a house are not complaining instead it was their parents going to the media to report, so this means they are happy where they are. On the age of the girls, Remy pointed out that there are 16-year-old who are attracted to 30-year-olds so it isn’t unusual for underage girls to want R Kelly.

She went on to say that R Kelly got acquitted but still get banished and treated like he’s a monster. She added that she’s cautious of using certain words because innocent people can get convicted and acquitted people can be accused of something else and people will believe it.

Her comments were considered outrageous and she’s been called out on social media.

Below is the interview. Remy’s statement starts at the 35:15 mark.


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