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Passenger takes before and after bus accident selfies (Photos)

A passenger who was caught up in a bus accident managed to take somewhat weird before and after selfies – his selfies has caused a frenzy online with people having mixed feelings over it.

Taking one selfie prior to climbing aboard, the unnamed man then took a second photo of himself in a very similar position – this time, however, his face was covered in dust and an upturned bus can be seen in the background with a number of passengers standing around.

Since the photos were shared on Twitter, there’s been mixed feelings towards it… Some finding humour in it…

“I shouldn’t be laughing. Why am I laughing? This was a trap.”

… to others taking it more seriously,

“Why am I not seeing the funny side to this? The man just survived an accident and I can’t help but wonder if everyone is alright.”

See the photos in full below,

According to reports online the incident happened in Zimbabwe on the 20th of November.

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