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Owner of Escape Nightclub says the club is in debt; set to release names of celebrities, politicians, Lagos big boys owing the club

Owner Of Escape Nightclub Says The Club Is In Debt; Set To Release Names Of Celebrities, Politicians, Lagos Big Boys Owing The Club

Richard Nnadi @dukeofspadess owner of Escape is about to break some tables as he plans to release names of debtors, which includes Lagos Big Boys, Politicians,Slay King, Gee Boys and lots of other celebrities.

According to the socialite, he said the night club, Escape had to close, because, the club is in debt of 120 million naira, saying he could no longer pay his workers.

He took to his IG page to rant about the debtors, saying he will mention names of those owing the night club, which includes, Lagos Big Boys, Politicians, Slay King, Gee Boys and lots of other celebrities.

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