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Outrage as Twitter users accuse Lagos police of allegedly freeing young men who drugged and raped a lady then filmed it

Outrage As Twitter Users Accuse Lagos Police Of Allegedly Freeing Young Men Who Drugged And Raped A Lady Then Filmed It

The police have been accused of freeing the two young men who drugged and raped a 23-year-old woman then filmed it with their phones.

The suspects, Razaq Oluwaseun Oke, 28 (right), and Don-Chima George, 25 (left), whose father owns Dallankester Hotels in Lekki Phase one, took the woman, 23, to a club on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019.

Unknown to the young woman, her male companions had an ulterior motive. While at the club, they mixed the young woman’s drink with a substance that made her weak and almost unconscious. Satisfied that the drug was beginning to affect the victim, they quietly left the club with her to Dallankester Hotels in Lekki Phase one, owned by the father of one of the suspects named Don-Chima George.

At the hotel, they allegedly took turns to rape her and they filmed the abuse on their mobile phones (read ICYMI).

The suspected rapists were arrested after the victim called her brother and he came with police officers. The suspects denied raping the girl but their mobile devices were searched and a video of the men abusing their unconscious victim was seen on their phone.

They were immediately arrested. But according to social media users, the young men have now been released from jail

Twitter user @KingNelo2 made the allegation writing:

I honestly cannot believe the audacity of Nigeria and money. So 1) don chima george and ricco were released. Scot free FOR RAPE 2) don chima’s father then got police to arrest the victims brother, sister and friend. As in right now HER BROTHER is in jail. I am FURIOUS

Twitter users have reacted with outrage.

See some reactions below.

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