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Nigerians React To Don Davis’ Mom’s Allegations That Deeper Life Doctor Tried Injecting Her Son With HIV

Nigerians React To Don Davis’ Mom’s Allegations That Deeper Life Doctor Tried Injecting Her Son With HIV

Nigerians have attacked Deeper Life and its presiding pastor, Williams Kumuyi over a new report alleging that Don Davis Archibong, the Junior Secondary School 1 student of Deeper Life High School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, who was allegedly assaulted and molested tested positive for HIV.

This comes after a Deeper Life doctor was caught sneaking into the hospital that admitted the boy and tried to inject him with a substance.

However, the mother of the boy, Deborah Okezie said all the tests conducted on him showed that he’s HIV negative.

In a Facebook Live earlier, she said she caught a doctor from Deeper Life High School taking blood samples from her son at the hospital where Don Davis was first admitted.

And during a broadcast on Wednesday, Okezie said the man had been arrested.

She also said the principal of the school, Ndidi Solomon, insisted that her son was HIV positive.

She said, “When he got to the school, and they did an HIV test for him, it was negative. All the tests recently conducted on the boy have come out negative. I don’t know why Ndidi is insisting he is HIV positive. Maybe they are waiting for what they put in my son’s body to manifest.”

This has generated reactions on Twitter with many Nigerians calling on the church and its General Superintendent, Pastor William Kumuyi, to react to the allegations.

Taking to her twitter page to express her concern, @feli_nwa said, “Why is the church doing everything to bury this case? How hard can it be to give them justice?”

Chinyere O (@harchychy) said, “This is infuriating! Look how this woman, her son, and the family have gone through so much asking for justice. What horror is this! Kumuyi and Deeper Life Church, we’re seeing your evil. I hope this woman never gets tired and there (will) be #JusticeForDonDavis.”

Amaka (@AdashofGreens tweeted, “My God, our system is so broken and rotten that they’d rather destroy the truth and damn consequences, instead of apologising, fixing situations, and coming to a resolution. The whole back and forth is depressing, now I can’t imagine how Don Davis feels.”0 CommentsACTIVISM16 Hours Ago

Temitope Adekeko (@temitopeadekeko) said, “Even if he’s HIV positive. Even if he’s adopted. What do those things have to do with the matter on the ground? Is that the excuse for the molestation of the child?”

Hemophagocyte (@Cruxx29) wrote, “If the child was HIV positive, would they admit him into the boarding house in the first place?”

Didi_gozie (@patieceric_101) wrote, “Hope the boy wasn’t injected with HIV, please. That will be the height of all these.”

Nkem4eva (@nwaegbe_nkem) tweeted, “Ahn ahn!!!!! What rubbish is this? I hope that boy has not been infected, madam? Where is the sanctimonious @pastorwf_kumuyi in all this?”

Atagana Great (@GreatAtagana) said, “This is getting really messy. The silence from the school & the founder is irritating much and since she has been updating us, it’s logical that the school does so as well but it looks like the school is playing a silent game so that everyone will just forget the case.”17 CommentsChristianity1 Week Ago

Similarly, Amy (@Miz_Amy_) tweeted, “I’m quite perplexed by the way Deeper Life is handling this Don Davis issue. It’s a very straightforward matter for goodness sake.”

For Stephanie (@Stephanie_Nwagu), it seems some people are trying to silence Okezie’s quest for justice.

She tweeted, “But this don Davis matter is really getting out of hand and she’s fighting this battle alone. People (are) really trying to silence this woman and it’s unfair.”

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