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Nigerian man reacts after seeing photos of a very simple and private wedding of a white couple

Nigerian Man Reacts After Seeing Photos Of A Very Simple And Private Wedding Of A White Couple

A white couple got married in a clearing under trees while they were on out on sightseeing. The couple and the officiating priest were the only ones present at the ceremony.After the ceremony, the priest went his way while the couple went ahead carrying their wine cooler to a cool spot to enjoy themselves.The husband posted the pictures on social media, saying he married his best mate.A Nigerian on twitter reacted to this simple ceremony. He said according to Yoruba standards, the young couple are still single and they only went as tourists.

He said, “No cake. No hall. No aso ebi. No wedding gown. No suit. No bridal train. No guests. No live band. No alaga iduro. No bride price. No engagement list.

“These people are still single as far as Yoruba parents are concerned. They have just gone on tourism”.

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