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Nigerian man cries out after mistakenly transferring N1m to an Uber driver

Nigerian Man Cries Out After Mistakenly Transferring N1m To An Uber Driver

A Nigerian man is in pains, after he mistakenly transferred N1m to an Uber driver as payment for a trip recently.


According to the Nigerian man, the money he transferred to the Uber driver was part payment for a family member who is battling a life threatening disease at the hospital.

He wrote;

Help!!! I Mistakenly Sent N1m To A Uber Driver

Please read carefully before commenting

I have a very serious issue that has been a pain on my neck and I will try as much as I can to summarize everything

I sent a sum of N1m to a Uber taxi driver’s account number on the 20th October, 2018. This money was a part payment bill for one of my family members who is battling with a life-threatening health issues. That happened about 4 weeks ago.

This is how the whole thing happened

A friend of mine paid me a courtesy visit and when he was about leaving, I used my rider app to request a ride for him and the driver came and took him to his destination. He told my friend the estimated cost of the fare was N4,800 but my friend didn’t even bother to check because he felt he probably would not lie about it.

My friend called and told me the fare was N4,800 and I requested for the Uber taxi driver’s account number after which I made the payment. The next day (20th October), I needed to make a transaction of N1m to someone for a part payment bill of my family member’s treatment oblivious of the fact that I actually made the payment to the Uber taxi driver’s account number. This was because I added him in my beneficiary when I wanted to make the payment.

I went to the rider app to get his contact, only for me to realize he actually inflated the fare from N3,400 to N4,800 which I literally paid for. You can see he’s not an honest person but I wasn’t really bothered about that.

I called and pleaded to him to refund the 1m I sent to his account. At first, he acted as if he didn’t receive any money but after series of calls, he later confirmed it. I sent my account details to him and he promised to refund me on Monday as it was weekend.

Monday came and the dude started acting funny. He would pick my calls and remain silent. There were times he gave the phone to a lady to talk to me. Sometimes he yelled at me to stop disturbing him, and a point, he even stopped picking my calls

I mailed Uber and narrated everything that transpired. They responded requesting for evidence to back up my claim which I provided. I took screenshots of the first (inflated fare) and second payment and attached it to my massage. They responded telling me I should exercise patience and that they will look into my issue

It’s been 4 weeks now and Uber has been lackadaisical towards this issue. I have messaged them several times and they seem to be less concerned about it.
With the way Uber has been acting towards this issue, one could conclude that they’re trying to cover up this guy. Someone that can easily call and resolve this issue.

They have just been acting like they’re more concerned about their own pockets than customer’s satisfaction. I expect them to have taken up the issue for properly investigation despite providing solid evidence.

Please everyone! I have tried and I’m already fed up. Their customer care is my last resort but they have been nonchalant despite knowing the name, vehicle type, and license plate number of someone working for them. Even the Uber driver in question has failed to refund the money and has been avoiding me.

I went to the bank recently and his account has been frozen but I haven’t been able to get my money

This country is just messed up. Even the police aren’t helping matters. They are demanding their own share of about 150k

Attached is

1. picture of the uber driver
2. Chat with uber
3. Proof of 3400 as exact tfare
4. Proof of 1m transfer to the uber driver

Nigerian man cries out

Nigerian man cries out

Nigerian man cries out

Nigerian man cries out

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