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Nigerian lady shares Whatsapp conversation between her husband and his mistress.

Nigerian Lady Shares Whatsapp Conversation Between Her Husband And His Mistress.

A pregnant Nigerian woman has shared screenshots of chat between her husband and his mistress. The woman who was shocked to discover that her husband has been cheating on her said she made the discovery after she snooped around his locked phone and went through his chat history. From the chat history shared, it could be seen that the man has been sending money to the lady who is a student and has also impregnated her and gave her money to abort the baby.

While seeking advice from relationship expert, Joro Olumofin, the pregnant woman wrote; Good evening morning Joro, I am so down and that state I’m in. I’m in so much pain. I got back from a family outing with my sister. My husband was at home.

He was looking very sad. I asked if he had eaten. I kept asking him. He did not say anything. I was worded. I told him to come to the room for our nightly prayer. He came but not a single Amen from his mouth. He was mumbling. He was so cold and distant. Not so long, he came later to kiss me and rub my belly then he went to bed.

Joro I was still suspicious. I took his phone and used his finger to unlock the phone. Joro I went to his WhatsApp and I saw a chat with him and a girl. A 200 level student. He sent her $1000 this evening. My husband refused to give me money to have my baby in Canada . I have been collecting money from family member. I also saw that the girl aborted for him. He said he was forced to marry me.

I am so down. I feel like drinking but I’m with baby. I am in a bad place right now. This man clearly doesn’t me. How do I come back from this ? I will confront him in the Morning Joro. I am just looking at him sleeping beside me. I am in pain. But I don’t even know what to say. Is this marriage worth fighting for? I sent you screenshots of the chat. I saved the girls number. I have no problem with her because she clearly wants to leave this relationship with him. He was the one begging her. He said she was his soulmate. I feel not wanted.

I feel borrowed. My husband begged me and begged before I agreed to marry him. I give him space. He goes out and has a life . I don’t deserve this. No woman deserves this. I am so worried I may be bringing up this child on my own. Because he clearly doesn’t love me or he’s pretending. Do you think has lying to her just to have sex and there’s a possibility that he loves me? He can’t love me and send 500k to a girl when I needed money. What do I do? Joro please share.

I want to hear from all demographics of women. Please reply me too. I don’t want to bring my family into this yet. See chat screenshots below; by TaboolaSponsored Links

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