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Nigerian couple lose their child in a government-owned hospital because they had no money for doctors to commence treatment (Video)

Nigerian Couple Lose Their Child In A Government-owned Hospital Because They Had No Money For Doctors To Commence Treatment (Video)

A Nigerian man, Mike Obioma, has shared the heartbreaking video showing the moment a Nigerian couple lost their child in a government-owned hospital because they had no money to pay doctors for them to commence treatment.

Obioma who says he has gone as a spy to several hospitals with a camera planted on him, shared the video on his Facebook page and wrote

”Imagine a country where little babies pass away helplessly.

So I went undercover to some government hospitals, planted camera on myself to show you the level of corruption and ineptitude in our Nigerian hospitals. In the past months have travelled to more than 10 government hospitals in Abuja, Nasarawa, Benue and Plateau State NorthCentral Nigeria.

This shocking Live Video is one of the numerous babies I watched die right there in a government funded hospital. Infact this particular hospital this was the 3rd baby that didn’t survive within 8 hours of my stay there.

This man Mr Christopher had rushed his baby boy to the hospital that day. He was showing signs of severe illness. One doctor attended to him and told him to go buy card the baby needs to be placed on oxygen. Mr Christopher after buying the card pleaded that he didn’t have enough money but he will call his relatives in a bit that treatment should commence immediately to save his boy’s life.

All those fell on deaf ears he was abandoned there like an animal until his son passed away right inside the hospital. I was the one who gave Christopher 500 naira to go home with his profusely weeping wife. I have been calling him since then I have his phone number. I feel deeply sorry for this man.

Watch the videos below;

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