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“Nigeria Not Eligible To Host World Cup Until At Least 2086” – FIFA

“Nigeria Not Eligible To Host World Cup Until At Least 2086” – FIFA

World football governing body, FIFA, has struck off Nigeria’s name from the list of countries eligible to host the FIFA World Cup for the next 70 years.

According to the reports, Nigeria’s name was struck off the list because of the nation’s epileptic power supply. A FIFA insider who begged us not to reveal his name said:

“FIFA’s biggest fear is that when, say, Germany and Argentina are playing the finals at, for instance, Akwa Ibom Stadium, and the whole world is watching… Lionel Messi is about to take a free kick at the edge of the 18-yard box and… Then BOOM! NEPA takes light! In front of billions! Disaster! World War 3! FIFA is not ready to take that chance at all.”

When asked how soon Nigeria would be eligible to host the World Cup and he said:

“Not sooner than 2086, I’m afraid. Provided Nigeria doesn’t even postpone the World Cup or declare it to be inconclusive, 2086 is the most realistic time FIFA believes Nigeria would be able to boast of stable power supply.”

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