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”Nigeria has left the era where votes were awarded and the cheated are told to go to court” President Buhari says

”Nigeria Has Left The Era Where Votes Were Awarded And The Cheated Are Told To Go To Court” President Buhari Says

President Buhari today said that Nigeria has left the era in which democratic norms are brazenly subverted, with votes awarded to those favoured by the government in power and those whose mandates were stolen are told to go to court if they were not happy.

President Buhari stated this while receiving members of the Joint United Nations, African Union and ECOWAS Good Offices Mission on Elections in the state house Abuja.

“I am highly qualified to talk on this, having ended in Supreme Court three times, after participating in elections with disputed results. Where will a man looking for where his next meal would come from, have money to hire lawyers, particularly senior advocates?” the President said.

He assured his guests that the 2019 polls would be free and fair

 “The President has only one vote, governors have a vote each, just like anybody else. Let the people vote for whoever they choose, without their will being tampered with.” he said

President Buhari said the 2015 elections were run with three campaign objectives; securing the country, reviving the economy, fighting corruption, “and the opposition has not succeeded in faulting us. We are doing our best with the resources available to us.”

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