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My Husband caught me being fingered by my Ex | True life story

My Husband Caught Me Being Fingered By My Ex | True Life Story

This story is from SDK chronicles.

Dear Stella,
Trust you had a good night rest.
Straight to my point. Last week i found out that my ex (first love) is currently made partner with my husband.

I found out when he invited DH and myself for a private dinner. Imagine my shock when i saw him. He was in attendance with his wife and strangely we had close resemblance.
My ex was a man who didn’t like make up or attachment. He loved light skinned (natural) ladies and this wife is exactly that.
She was quite receptive all through the meal.i asked to use the restroom and while washing up when my Ex showed up asking if i was fine. I shrugged as i recalled he broke up with me back in uni. I gave a weak smile and was walking back to the living room when he grabbed me from behind, kissed me by the neck ( my weakest point), i still tried to quietly walk away when he pinned me to the wall and kissed me passionately.
I still tried restraining myself but before i could break off him, he already had his hand inside my business!
I was jolted back to reality when i heard DH scream my name. This was so embarrassing, he stormed out of their house while i ran after him.
All through in the car, he kept so quiet i wished i knew what he was thinking.
We got to our house and he went straight to the guest room. I was so ashamed of myself i felt to go intensify my pleading.
He refused to even turn or respond. I became unsure and so scared. So i thought to leave him till he calmed down. At the door he threw a question at me ‘ did you consent to that’? … I stood there ashamed while trying to find words. I knelt down to plead and the last thing i expected came flying at me! DH hit me for the first time ever and i could feel blood in my mouth! He dragged me by the hair and forced me severally. He called me a whore as he was thrusting like a wild beast. DH had always been so passionate i could swear he could never hurt a fly.
When he was done, he spilled his cum all over my face and hair while calling me a ‘filthy whore’ continuously. I began to feel intense pain and cramps in my abdomen. I curled up in tears and all shaken. He left the room and i just slept there on the tiled cold floor till daybreak.
I summoned some strength and i realised i had urinated on myself. My maid walked into the guest room and found me. She helped clean me up and put me in bed.
The following day was a Sunday and DH ministered in the absence of the pastor in charge. I was too ashamed to even look him in the eye on the pulpit. He did an alter call and to the gaze of all i stepped out to rededicate my life.
After service, you could imagine my surprise as he ignored me and i had to drive home by myself while he stayed back at the church. I thought to make it up and picked up lunch for him as his Sundays are usually busy. I drove back to church and his secretary said he was in a meeting. I waited and decided to sit in the car when i saw DH step out of building with a lady who giggled and acted like they were lovers. I stormed out of the car so she could see me as she stepped into her car. I followed DH back into his office asking about the lady and he told me clearly that is his mistress.
This is 4 months later and the many nights he did not come home to sleep and the late night calls.
I had cut ties with my ex from the very night it happened and i never gave room for further contact. DH has only friends in the church and i am scared of confiding in anyone to help me plead as washing our laundry publicly can ruin both our lives.

Please Stella, i know i messed up but how do i resolve all these. I love him very much.I need help.

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