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My Girlfriend Threatened To Dump Me If I Don’t Marry Her Now

My Girlfriend Threatened To Dump Me If I Don’t Marry Her Now

Have been caught up in a difficult situation. I have been dating this my lovely girlfriend for more than a year now. She is beautiful, humble, kind and a good girl. She is from a good family too. The parents are not too rich just average and doing very well. They are 2 girls and 3 boys and the elder sis is more of a slay queen i.e so beautiful and refuses to marry so the mother is hoping on this my girl to settle down, always encouraging her to settle down.

Now I am 29 years and I really love this girl and she loves me more than i actually love her, always ready to do my biding. She is just 22 and I wish to marry her someday but my finances are low. I have met the father and he said he doesn’t need anything from me only things for the kinsmen or whatever but my parents are the opposite. Infact my dad won’t even entertain my thought of getting married now because despite am staying alone, i still get small stipends from him monthly so he knows am not financially independent.

To cut the long story short.. My girl is pregnant again after several abortions in the past and she is refusing to take pills. She wants to keep this one and is urging me to come pay her bride price so we can move in together. This was not my dream way of getting married. I don’t have a problem with her keeping the child but I just cannot marry now with my monthly salary of 40k which am struggling to feed and pay bills.

Please I need advice.
Pls no insult I knw the abortion act is wrong n never intended for her to take in again but it keeps happening…

Help me please i dont want to lose this lovely princess because she promise to end the relationship if she has to take another pill.

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