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Meet the 27-year old university student that sells coconut for a living

Meet The 27-year Old University Student That Sells Coconut For A Living

A 27-year old graduate named Abubakar Abdul Mumin, a student of the Tamale Technical University has made news headlines due to his sheer will and desire to survive.

According to reports, the young man’s story inspires the majority of the youth today as he does several menial jobs as well as sell coconuts to make money.

Narrating his story, he said he started the coconut business at the age of 19.

“My name is Abubakar Abdul Mumin, from Yepeli in the Northern Region of Ghana. I am 27 years and a final year student of Tamale Technical University. I am studying Statistics. I am also the Organiser of the Statistics Department. I won the position in a very hot election.

I didn’t know I could win because I didn’t put any money in that but those who voted for me explained that they like my diligence and ability to unite people. I appreciate. Statistics is a very a very difficult course so I have little time to spare. A lot of my friends think I have left them but my education takes a lot of my time now.

I am always indoors reading and learning new things to master the course. During my long vacations, I take time to teach Mathematics at the Yepeligu Junior High School. I have done that for three years and I do it for free. The School is not far from my place so I can manage. I had a very difficult time in the JHS because even though I like mathematics, we never had a Mathematics teacher throughout my stay. It was hard but I passed. I go to teach because I don’t want them to experience the same difficulties. The children like me and I feel proud.

When I have other opportunities on short vacations, I sell coconut and support my education. I started selling when I was 19. I never get embarrassed when people look down on me because of what I do. I am strong. Peoples opinions do not put me down because I know who I am.

I want to learn to the highest level and achieve my goals. My goal is to make a very good impact on my people in the North and in Ghana. I want to teach. I also want to help my district with my statistics education and compile data that has been overlooked about my people. My brother is the administrator at Karaga District Assembly.

He helps me a lot and I also want to help my parents and siblings wholeheartedly. I have supported myself and paid all my school fees for three years through selling. I move out of Tamale to other regions to sell. Sometimes for two months, I stay with my friends in those areas and then when I have enough, I move back to school. I want to graduate with a good grade, I am currently on second class upper and I feel proud. I will make it one day. Now, I have saved enough to buy my handouts and pay other dues. I will return to school by mid January and complete my school. I believe the future is how you choose to make it, sometimes. I love peace and we must all help make our lives better.”

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