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Meet Francis David Matthew, A self-taught Civil Engineer who is out to help young Nigerians achieve their dreams.

Meet Francis David Matthew, A Self-taught Civil Engineer Who Is Out To Help Young Nigerians Achieve Their Dreams.

Meet Francis David Matthew, A self-taught Civil Engineer who is out to help young Nigerians achieve their dreams.

Francis, popularly known as fdmlearn is a young Nigerian with impressive prospects has shared with us his zeal of impacting and tutoring youngsters on various aspect of life, especially in his field.

Francis, who has a passion for construction and civil engineering carved a niche for himself after he engaged in certain projects that built his prospects and now he holds a quite impressive resumé.

In light of this, he’s happy to share his knowledge on his past experiences to youngsters and that’s why he’s developed his first online course, the FDMlearn to be able to reach more people and share his knowledge.

Read Francis’ story below,

My passion is to train, Challenge and Inspire others and all people I come In contact with to know and Live a better Life. What do I teach? All kinds of things from high end decorative floor building finishes, production of everything I know and online marketing. I also do mentor youths and young ones to achieve dreams and purpose a passion I had since high school. I strongly believe that knowledge is the foundation required by anyone who wants to be empowered.

I grew up in Lagos Nigeria and my biggest passion as a kid was basketball, I was fascinated by buildings and civil construction. Later on, I enrolled to study Geology at Delta State University. After which I moved to port Harcourt and did a couple of voluntary work for NGOs having no way to get good employment. Next, I got employed by a benefactor to work in a construction site, my love and fascination about buildings and construction was reawakened. By sourcing materials online and everywhere I could I got knowledge about decorative concrete finishes I trained myself and began executing projects, in 2016 I travelled to Dubai to get further knowledge about building finishings and came back to Nigeria to birth Frangipani Concrete School where I gathered Nigerians to train in Decorative concrete. The demand for knowledge increased and I was highly sought after to train entrepreneurs.

In 2018, I created my very first online course and started FDMlearn to reach the world with the knowledge acquired through experience and used to create a multimillion organization. FDMlearn became my brand and home. Our courses have become best sellers on many of the most popular online learning platforms. Through this experience, I have helped many become thriving business owners.

Today, I spend most of my time helping students, creating new content, creating awareness about the benefits of decorative concrete products , and brainstorming my next big project.

You can contact him on 09099998301
Email: [email protected]
Sign up for his courses:

Instagram Page: @fdmlearn

Check on some photos of his works below;

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