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Meet Bruno Chigozie Opara; supposed hottest and most handsome Nigerian police officer

Meet Bruno Chigozie Opara; Supposed Hottest And Most Handsome Nigerian Police Officer

Thanks to the local policemen we see on the roads collecting #100 bribe from truck drivers et all, our minds has been stereotyped to thinking that to be a policeman in Nigeria, you have to have a pot belly, an oversized not-so-good-looking uniform, a bicycle cap and of course, the signature police club, better known as “Kondo Olopa“.

Meet Bruno Chigozie Opara

Seven out of every ten Nigerian policemen fits the above description so it’s no wonder when a narrative is being given about a Nigerian policeman, that’s the image that comes to our head, just like it is now in yours, ami right?!

Well, we’re not going to be talking about the larger ratio as mentioned above, this time, we’re focusing on the smaller ratio, which we even think is 2:1 cause the policeman we’re about to tell you about isn’t your regular Nigerian policeman.

Bruno Chigozie Opara is not like your regular policeman, matter of fact, he’s the kind of policeman that when they want to make security ads for policemen, he’s the model for the job or maybe for a romantic music where a lady got arrested by an handsome cop… you know what I mean?.

Bruno Chigozie Opara

Bruno is quite aware of his uniqueness and it definitely has to be why he flaunts this uniqueness on social media.

Photos from him hitting the gym, to taking car selfies in his uniform to having dinner with a family member et all, Bruno is sure one officer who lives the life of a social media star.

Because of this, he has garnered the attraction of many Nigerians, especially the ladies who would be glad if he arrested them.

Checkout his photos below and see if it’s arguable that he’s the hottest, most handsome policeman in the country!

Images credit: Instagram/o.p.a.r.a

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