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Man shares his chat with his wife-to-be who cancelled their wedding after running into her ex-boyfriend at a mall

Man Shares His Chat With His Wife-to-be Who Cancelled Their Wedding After Running Into Her Ex-boyfriend At A Mall

A Nigerian man has shared screenshots of his WhatsApp conversation with his fiancee who cancelled their wedding after running into her ex boyfriend at a mall.

From the conversation which was shared, the wife-to-be was explaining to her fiancee that she has found someone who completes her and will no longer continue with their wedding which is just in 2weeks.

She had bumped into her ex-boyfriend at a mall and the love between them reignited again. She told her fiancee to cancel the wedding because she can no longer be happy in the relationship.

She referred to her ex as her first love, stating bluntly that she still has mad feelings for him and she’s ready to spend the rest of her life with him, and not her fiancee.

Read their full conversation below;

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