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Man cries out after he mistakenly transferred 250k to girlfriend instead of 25k

Man Cries Out After He Mistakenly Transferred 250k To Girlfriend Instead Of 25k

A Nigerian man has cried out as his girlfriend played him after he mistakenly transferred N250,000 instead of N25,000 to her bank account. According to him, he called her to inform her about the mistake but the lady who feels its her lucky day isn’t ready to hear any of that.

She has blocked him from communicating with her and she has also been spending the cash around Lagos. The man intends to alert the security operatives about the development. Read the story he sent to a relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin below, Girls are scammers ! Please share Good afternoon Joro.

I will report this matter to Police and Efcc. I have her mothers shop address. So I mistakenly transferred 250k to this girl. She came to stay in my place on Wednesday. I was meant to send 25k . I made a mistake. She called me and said baby I love you. I told her it was a mistake. She was silent on phone. Joro her phone has been off and she is unavailable every where. She block me on IG. I use my flat mates phone to check her IG.

Joro this girl was at eko Atlantic yesterday snapping pix with plenty food and friends. Why are girls like this ? This is someone I thought was a wife material. Her best friend is follower here. I don’t want social media drama. She will see this. I want my money back complete. Or else you will feel heat like hell fire. Confirm.

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