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“Lesbianism is a bae, you won’t regret it” – Nigerian lesbian boldly preaches

“Lesbianism Is A Bae, You Won’t Regret It” – Nigerian Lesbian Boldly Preaches

A rather dauntless Nigerian lady who seems quite proud to be gay has taken to a Facebook group to preach the gospel of homosexuality.

According to one Igwe Gloria, being a lesbian is something that is so nice that should you indulge in it, you won’t regret it. She asks her fellow ladies to stop crying over their useless boyfriends and embrace lesbianism.

She wrote,

Lesbianism is a bae
I swear u won’t regret it
Stop crying for that useless boyfriend of urs
Just an advice tho

This advice, she shares alongside a photo of another lady, probably her gay partner, planting a kiss on her cheek.

Nigerian lesbian boldly preaches

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