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Law student who asked for help to pay for his fees, gets help from well meaning Nigerians

Law Student Who Asked For Help To Pay For His Fees, Gets Help From Well Meaning Nigerians

A UNILAG law graduate who was getting depressed after he couldn’t raise money to pay for his law school fees, is now heaving a sigh of relief after Nigerian twitter users came together to donate towards his fees which was N296k.

Adefehinti Ibukunola had gone on twitter to ask for help after he couldn’t raise the N296, 000 fees for his law school and he said the deadline for the fees payment is on Monday December 3rd.

Yesterday, he raised the complete money for his fees and came on twitter to express gratitude to all those who contributed.

Adefehinti scott@he_books

I might not go to lawschool just because of 296k, grocery money to some people. *sigh*. Now I know what depression feels like.

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Adefehinti scott@he_books

I’m a depressed human walking the street with a fake smile. I’m going through what I never envisaged, it’s burning me in the inside. I want to end it. I never knew I could be this vulnerable to depression. It comes harder on me the most when I’m on my own.

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Adefehinti scott@he_books

Guys, I’m trying to raise 296k for my law school so that I can resume. Please 1k from 296 is all I need. Please help me. This is real and not a fraud.

0148017530 Gtb
Adefehinti Ibukunoluwa.

Please guys. I need all the retweets I can get to pull this. God bless u🙏🏽

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Adefehinti scott@he_books

Thank you all for your donations. I have gotten and paid for my law school fee. You guys are literally sending me to Lawschool, I promise not to let you down. God bless you guys immensely. Thank you 🙏🏽.

Please kindly Retweet.
Thank You All once again.

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