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Lagosians react as illegally parked tankers and containers mysteriously disappear from roads ahead of President Buhari’s Saturday visit

Lagosians React As Illegally Parked Tankers And Containers Mysteriously Disappear From Roads Ahead Of President Buhari’s Saturday Visit

A handful of Lagosians are enraged online after all the illegally parked tankers and containers that usually cause traffic gridlock on the bridges on Ikorodu road mysteriously disappeared for the second time this year.

containers mysteriously disappear

The first time they were cleared was for the Lagos City Marathon last week and now, the road is once again clear and free ahead of President Buhari’s visit to the city for the APC rally tomorrow.

See how some residents are reacting,

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@comr_KK: BREAKING News:because President M Buhari is coming to Lagos Trailers,Tankers & Containers have suddenly left Lagos Road oo!…. how did they do it.
wonders shall never end.@Gidi_Traffic


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omololu senkoya .a.@sennyabyy

@AkinwunmiAmbode its so pathetic that we V a seating Governor who careless about d people in Lagos. Cos @MBuhari is visiting Lagos, d tankers now can do d right thing by moving their illegal parks away from d bridges.@dynastykotun @APCNigeria @OfficialPDPNig

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omololu senkoya .a.@sennyabyy

Buhari’s visit to Lagos..hmm..what happened 2d tankers on the Eko bridge, Carter bridge, on d roads parking illegally? These people are acting, we are watching. Who is fooling who. My Lagos peeps can you see this! Vote wisely.@dynastykotun @NigeriaNewsdesk

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The tankers that have been on Eko Bridge & Ikorodu road have only been cleared on 2 occasions in more than 1 year. For the Lagos Marathon & for Buhari’s visit on Saturday.

These people can solve problems. They just don’t rate us

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Ayo FBI@PureMind__


Driving through Eko bridge down to Alaka through to Stadium and there is no sight of trailers, tankers and containers.

Buhari is coming to Lagos all of a sudden there is no tanker on Lagos roads?

So there is actually a solution?

Wow wow wow.

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So they can CLEAR THESE TANKERS?! Because Buhari is coming to Lagos?? Jesus.

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If PMB coming to Lagos is the solution to the Tankers and Trucks on the Eko Bridge, I think APC should add it to their Manifesto, that President Muhammed Buhari would visit Lagos every Saturday.

So this bridge can be free like this, chaiii 😂

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So because Buhari is coming to Lagos tomorrow the Lagos state government cleared all the trailers and tankers on the road. See ehn, as many as you people are, causing us untold hardship in Lagos, your punishment will be immense. In fact, it will rain heavily tomorrow.

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Laffbro 😂🤣@laffbro

Trailers and tankers all the way down from Eko bridge have been magically removed!

Did Thanos pay a visit to Lagos?

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I see political e rats are already politicizing the evacuation of tankers off the road of Lagos state because PMB is coming for campaign with talk of one party not caring about us

But we know the other party won’t do anything different/better as we’ve seen in the past

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Because Buhari is coming to Lagos, all the tankers have been cleared😂😂
At least I’ve found one thing to be grateful for him for

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Isaac Anyaogu@izik208

The president is coming tomorrow to Lagos and suddenly the tankers have disappeared from the road. Somehow, they have found a solution. @followlasg @AsoRock this is the definition of perfidy, the height of hypocrisy, after two years, what a shame.

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Yooo the way the tankers disappeared from the road overnight in Lagos, May all the rubbish and nonsense disappear in my life overnight 😭

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