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Lady slams Laura Ikeji for flaunting a fake Prada bag

Lady Slams Laura Ikeji For Flaunting A Fake Prada Bag

Social media fashionista, Laura Ikeji has been called out by an Instagram user for flaunting a fake designer bag.

The Instagram user, identified as Dr Ifeoma Okoye, called out Laura for carrying a knockoff Prada bag and deceiving her followers with it.

She wrote,

“Original prada vs Laura Ikeji’s Dubai or Turkish made in Kitchen prada. Hey! I am not envious of people that I am better than, the point I am trying to make is! If you want to show off to these vulnerable younger women then show the real thing. You can’t be driving them into thinking that they are struggling more than you🤷🏿‍♀️ @officiallindaikeji and @ogbobekee1 or whatever they call that man that can’t make sentences in English. Both of you explain this. The original is ONLY £850!! Reasonably priced. And she still went for rural Chinese one”.

Laura Ikeji entered her DM to question why she is dragging her, and the lady also shared the DM on her Instagram page.Ifeoma, who is a dental surgeon and also a fitness enthusiast, wrote,

Ifeoma, who is a dental surgeon and also a fitness enthusiast, wrote,

“Whoever told these peanut brains that if they come after me on DM or attack me with their fake IG page, that I could panic. Smh

I absolutely have nothing to loose guys! I lost my virginity long long time ago and nothing left to be lost. “Go to prada website is there”. You are schooling a novice. Look at you Ms Ikeji. When was the first time you hopped on the plane? People that makes sensible huge income don’t talk about it. Small roadside businesses paying you few “Naira” pay ad isn’t a good reason to be on IG showing off badly designed REPLICATED accessories and outfits and making younger girls IN NIGERIA feels like they have bad lives. Feck off my DM poverty stricken b***h. @ogbobekee1 get yourself a job and stop hiding behind 100k Naira ads

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