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Lady rejects rich men’s proposals because she wants to marry a poor man

Lady Rejects Rich Men’s Proposals Because She Wants To Marry A Poor Man

A 24-year-old lady is in dilemma after a rich man wants to marry her. According to the lady, she wants to marry a poor man because they value their wives.

Read her post below;

“Please I am a single girl of 24years. Before my mum died, she always advice me that a man value his wife more if she build with him. That is met him when poor, struggle with him and finally made it, he will value that woman. I am a hardworking girl. A graduate working. I dont depend on men for survival.

The issue is that all the men coming for my hand in marriage are all rich guys. There is this guy. We have been friends for 2 years. He has been asking me out but I don’t want to date a rich guy. At a point, I decide to give him a chance. We have dated for extra 8 months. He proposed to me. I told him that I want to pray. He is good. Caring, homely, never caught him cheating even when we’ve not started dating.

I was told that rich men treat their wives like property but he is opposite of what people say about rich guys. He adores me and he is so fond and proud of me. I told God to give me signs if he’s the one. I noticed that each time I think about him, he will call immediately. He has all the qualities I want in a man. The problem is that he is rich. I want to marry a poor man. What should I do?”

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