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Lady cancels out the money she is owing her male friend with the coitus they had.

Lady Cancels Out The Money She Is Owing Her Male Friend With The Coitus They Had.

A Nigerian guy has shared his conversation with a Female friend, who apparently wants to trade, ‘business for pleasure’.

According to him, the said lady, who was a secondary school friend of his, came to his shop to buy goods worth 85,000.. A week later after she made the purchase, she visited the said guy, and they made love together.

Still expectant of his money, the said guy texted the lady, and she remind him of the coitus they recently had. The lady argued that she traveled from Ikorodu to Badagry for this act of coitus, and she feels it equates to the 85k she owes.

Sharing the conversation with SDZ, the said guy wrote as caption;

“This stupid girl used to be my friend while in secondary school, 9 years after we left secondary school, we met again and I rekindled the interest I once had for her.. She still rejected and all but we kept being in touch, chatting and meeting.”

“Sometimes she comes to my shop at computer village to buy stuff, the first time she came, she came with her friend and they both bought clothes worth of 150k and paid in ful, next time she came, she also paid too at a very discounted rate, so last month, she came and bought clothes of 96k, and I gave her discount of about 11k that day.”

“She promised to do a transfer in a week time, she no pay, instead we met at my place in badagry when she came to see her cousin and we romanced genitals together this was last month o, since then, anytime I call her to ask for my money which she’s yet to send.. she will start asking me which money, like she has forgotten or so.. How can I trade two times mutual fun for 85k? How.”

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