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Lady calls out Nigerian singer ‘Aju’ for allegedly abandoning sister he got pregnant

Lady Calls Out Nigerian Singer ‘Aju’ For Allegedly Abandoning Sister He Got Pregnant

A distraught lady, has called out Nigerian singer ‘Aju’ for reportedly abandoning her 20-year-old sister he got pregnant after they met 5 months ago.

According to the Twitter user, the Nigerian singer ‘Aju’ has been to their house to ‘show’ his interest in her sister and got her mum thinking there was a wedding to plan.

However he ended up allegedly abandoning her sister after he got her pregnant.  The elder sister of the victim disclosed that the Nigerian singer blocked her sister on all social media platforms, and his number is still not reachable till date.

She tweeted,


So my lil sister who is just 20 has apparently fallen in the hand of one of the numerous scums and I’ve been patient enough but as an elder sister I won’t sit and take this rubbish

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“So my lil sister who is just 20 has apparently fallen in the hand of one of the numerous scums and I’ve been patient enough but as an elder sister I won’t sit and take this rubbish Thread

“My lil sis happens to meet this artist guy on here 5months ago(will disclose is handle).. according to her they got talking and connected so well,after all his plead to want to start something serious with her, she finally gave in…

“Things been all rosy and cool, in as much as he’s barely always around cox of load of shows and events he performs at Buh yet she was very supportive to this guy…mind you this guy has been to my house has met my family to show his interest for my lil sis

“We welcomed him into our family because we good people and we thot he had good intentions towards my lil sis… long story short… He took time off his busy schedule to take my sis on a trip(won’t lie that was cool)my sis came home

“Gushing bout how he was talking bout meeting my family to make things official,according to him “he’s an artist and settling down early will make Him more focused’… we were all so glad at this good news , my mum was all bubbling base on there’s a marriage to plan

“Just bout 3 weeks, noticed my sis in a different kinna mood, always sleeping and stuff. I suspected something fishy, decided to force her to take a strip pregnancy test and it turns out kiddo is pregnant.. I was very furious at first, she was all scared

“And shaking, tried my best to calm situation trying to find the best way to break such news to our mum… Well we finally did and my mum was so mad and furious as well… so we decided to inform our supposed INLAW TO BE..

“Guys u all won’t believe that the instant my sis mentioned this pregnancy to him… he’s number hasn’t been reachable till today.. we thought something was wrong . Days later thot to check up on this guy and saw him very much active on Instagram and my sis called

“My attention to the fact that he has blocked her on all his social media platforms and hasn’t answered her call her calls… As a big sis I did my findings to get details on his record label and the contact of his manager Nd owner of the record label…

“Explained everything and they promised to get back to us and how to settle this whole thing… in other news my kid sis has been under severe depression for weeks … I’m just mad because It still beat me how a guy would go as far as meeting the family of someone they in a Relationship with and still act this way… how he could abandoned a gurl he claimed to love after getting her pregnant… how are some guys so heartless and wicked

“@real_aju I’m calling u out this evening… my family ND I have given u 3 days. Just 3 days to report urslf and ur family or EVN supposed record label to my house to settle this issue amicably else we would lay curses on u and it sha never be well with u Aju!”

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