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‘I’m sure some of this ‘pant stealers’ are upcoming artists that want to raise money for promo’ – Singer, Shakar El

‘I’m Sure Some Of This ‘pant Stealers’ Are Upcoming Artists That Want To Raise Money For Promo’ – Singer, Shakar El

Nigerian singer, Shakar El has just shared an article on the recent pant stealing rave, saying ‘some of the ‘pant stealers’ are upcoming artists that want to raise money for promo.

He added that, ‘when they calculate how much they need for Radio, TV, Street promo, online promo and social media promo, they believe that Ritual is the way to go.if some people can do ritual just for Benz now tell me why many won’t do it cuz they want to blow and be famous’.

See the rest of the article below……

Many of you are collecting ritual money oh, most of you are the ones pushing people to do it.

The same way that some people are not able to withstand pressure in life and they commit suicide is the same way many can’t be paitent and they choose the Ritual Route.Some of us are So Strong while some are very Weak, the weak ones will always choose the faster route.

This Generation wants it fast,so many are choosing the faster route, when you watch the Tv you will see many unknown artists shooting big budget videos and driving expensive cars in real life, living high life.Most of them are children of poor parents that re currently living in poverty. Who is to Blame??

You that is enjoying the money, pray you dont become the victim sooner or later because one Day it might be you or your children or someone close to you… This Society is creating Beasts everyday.

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