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I’m a star… there’s no music-loving Nigerian who doesn’t know me – Skales

I’m A Star… There’s No Music-loving Nigerian Who Doesn’t Know Me – Skales

Rapper/singer, Skales, says after 10 years in the Nigerian music industry, he has become a bonafide star and he is well known across the country.

The singer said he took up a career in music because of his belief that he would ultimately succeed.

Real name Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, Skales said his stock has grown and his music has greatly improved in the last decade.

“I am a star now. When I released my first single 10 years ago, nobody knew who I was. I have more exposure now and I have grown in my music too. As we speak, I don’t think there is any music-loving Nigerian who doesn’t know Skales,” he said in an interview with Punch.

“I even think I should be in a better position now; but I am thankful to God for where I am today.

“The truth is that we all venture into one thing or the other to win. I ventured into music because I believed I would succeed in it, though I didn’t know how and when it would happen.”Commenting on his self-imposed quest to win a Grammy, the singer also known as Mr Love said “Rome was not built in a day”.

He said: “If it happens, it’s okay and it is also okay if it doesn’t happen. People will always remember that I had a dream to win a Grammy and at least, I tried my best.

“I believe that one day, with the way our music is growing, a Nigerian will win a Grammy. If it happens to be another Nigerian musician, I will still be happy.”Skales got signed to Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) in 2010 and left in 2014 following the expiration of his four-year recording contract.

‘The Never Say Never Guy’, his sophomore effort, was released under Baseline Music in 2017.

He released his third studio album, ‘Mr Love’, in July 2018.

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