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“Igbo women are lazy, they don’t like to work, they just want to enjoy their husband’s money” – Noble Igwe

“Igbo Women Are Lazy, They Don’t Like To Work, They Just Want To Enjoy Their Husband’s Money” – Noble Igwe

Media personality, Noble Igwe has dropped his two cents on Igbo women and the Igbo man in general.

Noble Igwe Igbo women

According to the 41-year-old Abia state born blogger, the Igbo women are lazy, they do not like to work and all they want to do is just sit back and enjoy their husband’s hard earned money.

He went further to say that they want to inherit their husband’s property and also inherit from their father’s house as well.

Noble also compared the Igbo woman to the Yoruba woman, according to him, unlike the Igbo woman, a Yoruba woman is hard working, and does not fight for her father’s property.

The Igbo women are lazy, does not like to work and just want to sit back and enjoy their husband hard earned money.
They want to inherit their husband’s property and then inherit from their father’s house as well but do nothing but answer “Ori Aku”” Noble tweeted.

He continued; “See Yoruba women.
Hard working,building houses and not really trying to fight for father’s house in Ibadan.
When they want to make changes, they do but Igbo women will come and make it seem like someone is holding them down.

The Yoruba woman is a go getter. Breaking boundaries, doing new things every day and she does not even need a law to back her.
Just her belief and living life on her terms.
Guess what? They don’t need anybody’s permission.

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  1. Where’s this one coming from and who is he talking about? His mother or his sisters? What does he know about the igbo woman? Well I don’t blame him, when men are vain, they also meet with vain women. Odikaodi kpowa ahia odikaodi azuo ya.

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