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If a big butt passes and you look, another girl is looking at you – Speed Darlington

If A Big Butt Passes And You Look, Another Girl Is Looking At You – Speed Darlington

Speed Darlington has given reasons why men contribute to the insecurity of women. According to him, the actions men take shapes the reactions women make.

He spoke of how making mockery of a lady’s flaws is why many of them opt for body enhancement like skin bleaching.

Speeding Darglinton wrote:

”Girls them see their beauty through our eyes.

If a big butt pass and you look at it, another girl is looking at you. In her mind she registers that big butt is in, look at him look at her.

So, when you say negative things about our skin color, it registers in our girls’ mind that we’re not beautiful. And this leads to bleaching cream.

Be careful what you say when you’re upset. Don’t make statements like; see as she black like amala dudu. Instantly, it has a psychological effect on the girl.

We, guys have responsibility too. OK?

We can’t be talking about ‘girls don’t bleach, girls don’t bleach’ yet guys keep saying things to make them insecure and then they end up bleaching.

So, all of us in diaspora from home to abroad…”

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