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“I would rather die a virgin than f**k a broke guy” – Princess Vitarah says

“I Would Rather Die A Virgin Than F**k A Broke Guy” – Princess Vitarah Says

US-based Nigerian singer & rapper, Princess Vitarah has declared that she cannot sleep with a ‘broke guy’, instead, she’d rather die. a virgin.

Sharing these new photos of herself posing on her bed, she wrote: ‘I would rather die a virgin then f**k a broke ni**a’.

Princess Vitarah says

The rapper/singer says she was born in the States but that her family moved back to Nigeria—Lagos and her family’s village, Arochukwu—when she was little. She lived in Houston, Texas for a while before arriving in Los Angeles last summer. “I knew that L.A. is really really competitive and I wanted to try and figure out how I could stand out from all the millions of other artists that are here,” she tells Okay Africa.

Speaking to Okay Africa, she spoke about the inspiration behind her viral song, “Nigerian Pussy”

Before coming to California, I knew a lot of people who had moved to places like New York and L.A. for like one or two years, and nothing works out and then they have to move back home—like, move back to their small town or whatever. And I was like, ‘I don’t want to have to go back,’ so I knew that if I was coming to California, I would have to be really really creative. That’s the main reason I wanted to do “Nigerian Pussy.”

And not just the lyrics, but the visuals and the video, and my makeup and my hair. I have to push. When I was brainstorming ideas—like, when I had the beat and then I was trying to write the lyrics for it—I was brainstorming so much I didn’t even eat. For four or five days I didn’t even eat. I was just brainstorming, brainstorming, brainstorming, because I wanted to push my level of creativity.

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