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I personally like dating dirty guys – Slay Queen to handsome man

I Personally Like Dating Dirty Guys – Slay Queen To Handsome Man

A lady is currently making rounds on social media after she revealed that she only enjoys dating dirty guys.

This came as a shock to many as most girls prefer to date handsome and attractive men they can boast of among their friends

It all started when a young handsome man tweeted that he is single which prompted a lot of responses from ladies who wanted to have him, except for this girl who claimed he is too handsome to protect himself not to talk of her.

She responded saying:

o you are beautiful but I personally like a dirty guy, a ganja mahnnnmn, dark-skinned, a man that never takes pictures.a guy that can hold a gun. You are not even anywhere near attractive. You look like you can not even protect yourself from even mere rain. Bye.

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