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“I find this disturbing” — Freeze reacts to video of little girl speaking in tongues and laying hands on her mother

“I Find This Disturbing” — Freeze Reacts To Video Of Little Girl Speaking In Tongues And Laying Hands On Her Mother

Daddy Freeze has fingered a video that has gone viral on the internet, and dubbed it as “Disturbing”.

In the video, a little girl was filmed speaking in tongues while laying hands on the head of a woman, believed to be her mother. Apparently, a lot of social media folks thought the video was adorable but OAP Freeze has a contrary opinion.

The media personality said the video of the child praying in tongues is neither cute nor adorable, instead, he finds it disturbing.

Sharing the video to Instagram, he wrote:

Sorry guys, I don’t find this as cute or adorable, it’s disturbing!

Children should NEVER be encouraged to play with, or mimic the gifts of the Holy Spirit as they might unknowingly sin in the process, sins against the Holy Spirit, as we are all well aware, are UNFORGIVABLE!

Furthermore, the ‘speaking in tongues’ many Pentecostals practice today is in grave error, as it flouts what the scriptures tell us in Acts 2; where the people present could all hear their own languages, not the mumbling of jargons many churches today are notorious for.

In the light of this, is it fair for us to indoctrinate our children at such an early age? Is this what the children of our counterparts across the world are learning?

Currently, despite having less than 10% of the combined populations of India and China, we have MORE than their combined poverty according to

If we have more poverty, more suicides, we are facing a drug abuse crises, a political crises (many churches are part of this), our billionaires are poorer according to Forbes, what exactly is the benefit of this our over-religiousness??‍??

If we cannot point to clear moral, societal and financial advantages, let’s be careful what we teach our kids! ~FRZ

Watch the video below (press play);

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