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I don’t listen to other people’s music – Jesse Jagz

I Don’t Listen To Other People’s Music – Jesse Jagz

Popular rapper, Jesse Jagz, in a recent interview with has revealed that he doesn’t listen to any other artiste’s song.

Responding to a question on which rapper he currently admires, Jagz said, “I don’t listen to other people’s music; I just like to do my thing. I create my own music and I motivate myself. I feel like everybody is doing fine in their own way but I just stay on my own lane. The only person I can put my money on is me.”

The rapper also disagreed with the opinion of some that rap music is fast dying in Nigeria. He said, “It is not true that rap music is fading away in the country. Rather, there is a lack of good music. These days, people mostly listen to pop music and that is what most artistes gravitate towards. Many people don’t listen to rap music anymore because they don’t have quality options. However, I think it is all about time. Rap music will still come round.”

Jagz also stated that he had never regretted being a rapper. “I have never regretted being a rap artiste or considered doing the more commercial music like you call it,” he said.

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